There is a suspicion that Coinmarketcap employees stamp coins themselves. Some unknown part of the coins that are added to the list of new coins.
I think the purpose of this action. Milking naive investors like cows. While the coin is in the list of new coins. (And even further sales after being removed from the list. That's the whole point ) . This assumption did not come out of nowhere. This assumption is formed by long-term tracking from autumn 2022 to July 2023. Deep tracking of added coins. For example, yesterday, July 25, 2023, the coin was added 16 hours after the coin was created. The first post in the telegram channel of this project was yesterday. The site does not even have a security certificate. But it allows users to connect the wallet to the site. And this more clearly reflects the reality of what is happening in Coinmarketcap. I didn't even check all the coins today. Accidentally checked. Assume an unrealistic minimum. If CMC adds its 4 coins per day and sells coins with each project for an average of $50,000. That's $6 million a month. and $72 million a year. Do you think CMC is giving up $72 million a year?! It's minimum. which I modeled. But in fact, I assume that the figure is higher, maybe many times higher. In the crypto world, God is money. If for someone money is not God. Then his competitor, for whom money is God, will succeed. And achieve a greater percentage of dominance. That is why this world belongs to evil. If you send an add request to the CMC, they don't respond even if they refuse to add. Coingecko has more requirements and they answer and explain the reason. That's why CG can be respected more than CMC. I made a request to Coinmarketcap 4-5 times to add our project. They didn't add. But they are happy to add those projects that create fake trading activity, as well as buy community and community activity. But if we don't. That is. if we are honest guys, then Coinmarketcap does not add us. For us, this is not normal. Therefore, we do not plan to make a request to Coinmarketcap in the future.
In the DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) project, there are no guys who are ready to lick someone's ass in order to quickly achieve success. In our project, only those guys who, when they meet the chert, will tell him to his face that he is the chert.
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