Development strategy
February 21, 2023
Everyone probably wants to know where the price of DOGE CLONE will go. There is no exact answer to this question. But I personally want a smooth rise in prices. Yes. The price in the future at some points will sharply go into the trend. Also. After. can go down. To what extent? In each case, the likelihood of this is different. The rapid rise in prices for cryptocurrencies occurs in the presence of excessive demand, this occurs in the event of positive news. Most crypto investors simply buy when they see prices skyrocket. This raises the price even more. They expect them to get rich. Then everything calms down. This is due to the fact that short-term investors begin to close positions. Long term holder. Even if the price has fallen, they remain. In the realm of crypto assets, this is undulating, but more pronounced than the average for stock market assets. Short term trading is risky. Because you don't know where the price will turn. Long-term investments are profitable. Provided, if you are sure that the price will rise over time. But for long-term trading, you need to have a calm character and peace of mind. And know the value of money.
Most young people do not have this character. They want to be rich tomorrow. Therefore, I personally do not recommend short-term investments. It is better to buy a little and keep for a long time. Than to buy a large amount and risk a loss if circumstances arise and money is required.
Further . In my opinion, it is better to go slowly, but in the right direction, than to reach for the clouds. Too fast movement. This movement is only on hype. In this case, the price will completely hang only in the air. Will prices decline in the future following long-term trends? Of course it will be. Therefore, if a person buys this coin in the future. Then he should buy with confidence that his smile will not disappear from his face if the price goes down. It doesn't matter how the price goes. It is important to reach the goal. The concept of time does not exist.
There are stories in the cryptocurrency space that some people have earned tens of thousands of percent. There are few such people. The question must be put differently. And how many people closed their positions early and missed the trend? There are many of those . And another question. And how many people lose money in cryptocurrencies? Most lose. 99% of people have no idea about all the methods of how to deprive investors of money in the field of cryptocurrencies, almost the entire crypto world is a scam. The level of fraud is often multi-level. Developers and exchanges can milk the same cryptocurrency without knowing each other's actions. You don't see it the way a cryptocurrency exchange sees it. For example, if there are more stop losses at the bottom of the price than buy limits, then the exchange can create a quick spike and take your assets at a low price. And sell quickly in other markets. I know all the details. But this is not worth talking about. Otherwise, it will be a textbook for scammers. What will happen in the distant future with DOGE CLONE? The price will reach a high value one day in the future. After. Will not be able to make great rapid heights. Since the price will not be able to grow at a rapid pace forever. Why can't the price go up forever? Since investment resources are limited, no business in the real world has such a return on investment. "The price cannot increase by +500% per year for 50 years." After all, if you think about it, the question arises. Why will people buy this coin in the future? To do this, it is necessary at the initial stage to lay the foundation for returns in the future. That is, the coin should not be with a negative yield. That's why I say there must be real action behind a good coin. In the real world. Real existing assets. We must strive for this. I think you have to be too calm person to be the holder of this coin.
Over time, this page tends to be supplemented.

Ruslan Khaliapov
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