This page was updated on June 24, 2023.

We recently updated the smart contract. The updated smart contract has 7 administrators, the signature of seven administrators is required to change any function. The smart contract has a tax function of 0.5%, keep in mind that a 1% spread appears on the dex chart of the exchange, that is, if you buy, then when you sell, you will break even, provided that the price of coins increases by 1% ( not counting the commission of the DEX exchange itself + the commission for gas). There is also a function in the smart contract that prohibits the administrator from raising the tax above 0.5%. This 0.5% tax feature is considered quite small compared to other coins that have a tax feature.
The project is currently planning and analyzing the prospect of burning Dogecoin using a 0.025% tax. And by specifying the condition - if Dogecoin becomes PoS, then DOGE CLONE will increase the burning of Dogecoin, for example, by 10 times. Or 5 times, we need to make informed decisions after deep analysis. ) It is necessary to study in detail, to model the future. And only then to implement, at the moment it is a probable plan. If we have the name DOGE CLONE, then we must support Doge. And force Doge to switch to PoS.
The money received for the sale of coins from the reserves of the project will go to the liquidity of the project and the accumulation of reserves. The address where the project reserves will be located
0xa1f424d4e292c33cf36f2d7bfd0e996729033232. (this is a secure address, in order to steal money from there, the signature of many administrators is needed.) After success in the future, it will be necessary to have several addresses in order to diversify the risks. I also recommend looking into this. Use in test mode first, but be careful. I don't want to be morally responsible if you mistakenly freeze your money after losing the admin keys or the key to the safe. Store data in multiple locations. All information about functions can be found on YouTube.
I do not have maximum confidence in simple crypto wallets, since in theory a stranger can enter a regular crypto wallet by mistake if he enters the seed phrase incorrectly. (Personally, I once got into someone else's wallet, so I have this opinion) Another option is to keep money in several wallets.
The address of the market maker of the project will be wallet 0xa54c7bd8e067130f1e21e358b4badd25c68d7893. In the future, either there should be several such wallets (to diversify risks, it is reasonable to distribute funds between several wallets), or the address of the market maker will be the address of the safe. We will post if there is an update.
A tax of 0.5% will be used at the discretion of the project administrator. The project will have costs + can be used for marketing and for any other purpose. Don't worry, we are greedy people even towards ourselves. But you need to have a place where there are no clear rules. Tax address: 0x04c5f17d45177680073756a443753100e36816a3.
If the 0.5% tax is used incorrectly, the project will not be successful. But I repeat the tax will be used at the discretion of the project administrator, complete freedom. (There is a possibility that in the future it will be necessary to designate clearer rules)
Also, the project does not plan to pay CEX exchanges for adding . If we pay, then the exchange, without risking anything, earns on the listing + commission for trading + commission for withdrawing funds.
The project is a meme, does not give any guarantees to users. But at that hour, he admits that in the future the project may be recognized as an investment project and there will be regulation.
I assure you, the project administrator does not have a frozen worldview, he is ready to find out the truth of tomorrow. We are ready for any changes in the future. We do not have a crystallized worldview.
Well, what can I say to the users of the project, free cheese is only in a mousetrap. A good project to success will go slowly.
This page will be updated.

Ruslan Khaliapov
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