In the crypto world. Deception all around. Fraudsters can be friends with you for many months or a year or more (you will start to consider the scammer as a bro), then the goal is to deceive you. Fraudsters are able to create any fake accounts, some especially gifted ones, even fake domain mail. Just because a scammer has social networks with over 300 friends and a few co-workers doesn't mean that person can't be a scammer. Because it's easy to fake. The scammers may ask you for a little help with something. You help him, he will be grateful to you. It's all about earning your trust.
If someone shows that he is passively making money on investments and shows a place where you need to invest money, then do not believe this nonsense, this is a risk.
Do not believe offers to buy cryptocurrency from someone at a low price. You will be sold either fake or inactive cryptocurrency.
Your friends' accounts can be hacked and such accounts can also be "scammers asking for help."
Do not connect your crypto wallet to dubious sites.
Don't trust anyone but yourself.
Wallet seed phrases should be well stored, diversifying the risks of loss. It may be in two or more places. I know people who have bitcoins but no wallet access.
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