Updated tokenomics March 16, 2023. On the issuance of coins into circulation. The release of coins into circulation will be gradual. There is a high probability that in the coming years, 50% of the coins from the entire issue will not go into circulation. It's hard to talk about it now. In any case, one should not expect a sharp release of a large number of coins into circulation for no reason.
In the future, large amounts from the sale of coins will not be spent on adding to the exchanges. Only those amounts that have almost no effect on liquidity.
How much % will the founder of the project take from all this in the future? The founder of the project, if he takes it, must return it back. You can take it only for investing in a real business. The commissions from Pancakeswap turnover can be considered its profit. But he doesn't have to take them.
In a word, money must be tightly held in a fist and not spent right and left on any unnecessary nonsense.

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