Road map

The project is focused on DEX exchanges.

The project will not provide money for integration into the CEX exchange, but will be able to provide liquidity if the exchange is properly regulated.

The project prohibits the trading of leveraged DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) coins on any exchanges and strongly advises users to never use leveraged funds.

The project admits the possibility of turning into an investment project in the future.
DOGE CLONE Official Tokenomics (DOGAMG)

1. The project will release new coins to the market sequentially as new users arrive.

2. The project will begin to publish price levels from the first half of 2024, in which the project will intervene and create a barrier against a possible price collapse. At first this will most likely be updated once a month, later more often.

3. Part of the coins sold will be used in the real world to create a business or expand a business.

4. The DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) smart contract has a tax function in the 0.5% parameter, but the smart contract does not allow the administrator to increase the tax above 0.5%. The tax will be used by project management without clear rules.

5. Due to the fact that marketing in the field of cryptocurrencies is ineffective, the project does not plan to promote itself. (The market price of advertising is formed in combination with scam projects; it is profitable for them to spend $1000 to collect, for example, $1500. But this is not profitable for us.) Instead, we plan to focus on business in the real world. Thanks to this approach, we strive to achieve greater heights over time.

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