Road map

The project is focused on DEX exchanges.

The project will not provide money for integration into the CEX exchange, but will be able to provide liquidity if the exchange is properly regulated.

The project prohibits the trading of leveraged DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) coins on any exchanges and strongly advises users to never use leveraged funds.

The project is a meme and does not give any guarantees. The project admits the possibility of turning into an investment project in the future.
DOGE CLONE Official Tokenomics (DOGAMG)

1 The project will release new coins to the market sequentially with the arrival of new users.
2 All sold coins from the project reserves are used to maintain liquidity. The address of the project reserves and the address of the market maker must be publicly available.
3 The DOGE CLONE (DOGAMG) smart contract has a tax function in the 0.5% parameter, but the smart contract does not allow the administrator to increase the tax in the 0.5% parameter. The tax will be used by the project management without clear rules. If the purpose of using the tax balance is clearly defined, then if these clear rules are violated, legal liability arises, the project management may be held liable for defrauding users, so there may not be clear rules for which purposes this tax rate will be applied. If users notice that the project is being milked like a cow with a tax function, then I am the founder of the project, I will advise you to run away from this project. Since if the tax function is used incorrectly, the global development of the project is unrealistic.
Since the project management uses the tax at its discretion, the project management has the right to start investing part of the money in a real business before the project is recognized as an investment.

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